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Best time to visit Rome

Rome is a wonderful exciting historical city that is a sought after destination for couples, individuals, seniors, and families with kids. For those of you planning a trip to Rome you may be seeing a bit of advice for your travel to Rome.

When to travel to Rome

In most cases, the majority of times a visit to Rome are best during April, May, June, September, and October. During these times, Rome is not as crowded and the weather is mild. Around about the middle of June, tourists begin to come to Rome in groves and Rome is quite a busy place until around the middle of September. August is the hottest month of the year and it is still quite crowded so it can get a bit uncomfortable according to your plans. The winter months when it is colder is during the months of November, December, January, and February. However, the winter months are nothing like you would see in many other countries.

The best time to visit Rome really has to do with when you wish to visit, if you mind the large crowds, and if you enjoy summer or winter weather. Rome has mild winter year round so there is nothing like you are accustomed to if you live in the US.

Weather in Rome

On average in winter, the temperature in Rome is a constant 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Summer months are a bit higher with August being the hottest at 86 degrees Fahrenheit on average. It does not snow in Rome; therefore, you can enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities year round.

Once in Rome – what’s next?

No matter when you travel to Rome, when you arrive you may not know where to go and what to do first. Before you visit Rome, you should contact a professional tour guide service, this way they will meet you at the airport or port to provide you with transportation to your hotel as well as help you create an itinerary so you will not miss any of the sights around Rome you have dreamed of seeing.

Guided Rome Tours

Comprehensive and enjoyable private guided Rome and Vatican City tours with your expert friendly guide at your side.

Guided Rome Tours | Rome Private Tours

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