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There is no other city in the world that comes close to comparing to the capital city of Italy. Rome is a vast city with a rich and fascinating history that spans 2500 years.
All that you learned in school about Rome will never prepare you for the beauty, culture, atmosphere, and history that you will find in Rome.

The moment you arrive in Rome, you will be amazed at the sight of this city. Around every corner there are bits and pieces of the centuries that Rome has been populated. You will find reminisces of the various time periods from gladiators to modern days all within the same area. The newer more modern buildings throughout time was built atop other ancient structures thus leaving many historical sights just below the surface which can be seen with various tours around Rome often called Underground Rome tours.

The only way you can truly embrace all that Rome has to offer is by choosing a private tour company to ensure you see all the highlights of Rome as well as many secret and hidden passageways and alleys that too many tourists never get to explore. Many of the quaint shops and designers have shops that are practically hidden away without storefronts, signs, or even a listing in the telephone directory. With a private tour guide, all of these special places will be discovered so you can experience Rome through the eyes a Roman that wants you to feel the passion they have for the eternal city.

There is so much to see and explore in Rome that many visitors are not sure how to approach their vacation in this magnificent city that is where a
private tour guide comes in. You can talk with an official tour guide that is licensed by the Italian Government to provide personal tours to ensure the face of Rome you wish to embrace will be a dream come true.

Experience all the faces and centuries of Rome that every member of your family will truly enjoy by booking Rome tours prior to departing on your vacation.

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Experience Rome in the best way: hire your private tourist guide!

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