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Who is your Rome Tour Guide is a proud partner of Carla Viti's Guide In Italy service, a respected and leader in the private tour service industry. Opening their business in 1960, they have grown to a leader in the business with many satisfied customers that love the personal touch they provide with all their private tours. offers the same great service that allows all of our visitors to enjoy what Rome, Vatican City, and the surrounding area has to offer. We have many different tours available, which are all customizable to fit the needs of our guests.

All members of our professional team are experts in their field holding a license from the Italian Government after passing rigorous oral and written tests in order to achieve the license to become professionals. Our drivers are authorized by the city center. All staff holds majors in such subjects as Archaeology, art history, Roman history, and foreign languages.

We have all the same criteria and goals, as does our parent company, which is to provide all our visitors with in-depth private tours of Rome, the Vatican, and surrounding area with professional, knowledgeable, and courteous staff members that are passionate about their profession and Rome.

A private tour of Rome is truly different when you have at your disposal an official licensed tour guide. This indicates that the guide is truly an expert at what they do, know their way around Rome, and will provide in-depth information on all sights to see in Rome, the Vatican, or elsewhere around Italy.

We are also experts in creating an itinerary that will fit all of your needs and requirements so all members of your family will enjoy the tours as well as discover all the secrets, treasures, and wonders that Rome has to offer.

We would love the chance to include your family to the list of our guests and provide you with the passion of Rome through our exclusive tours.

Exclusive Tours of Rome

Private Tours in Rome with your fully licensed tourist guide.

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